About our studio

Currently, Mocap One Studio is one of the largest and the most innovative studios in all CIS states. Its key area of focus is the real-time optical capture of the object motions with further playback in a digital format and transfer of all motion parameters to virtual object models.

The operation principle is based on recording of reflected, 850-nm wavelength infrared light in the camera projection. After all reflected IR points are fixed, the built-in camera processor calculates the planar coordinates and transfers them, as well as the monochrome image, to the software system up to 360 times per second. The computer system receives the data from all cameras via the Ethernet network at 10 Gb/s, processes them and provides the spatial coordinates of each reflected point in real-time.

The studio also owns the software with a wide range of instruments for recording, processing, restoring lost data, curve flattening, noise suppression, labeling each point (marker), smart reconstruction of the marker name, transferring motions to virtual objects, data export (including in real-time) to the most common formats of 3D modeling and animation such as MAYA and Motionbuilder, as well as Unity Engine and Unreal Engine platforms.


Main advantage of Mocap One Studio is the most innovative, cutting-edge infrared high-definition cameras by OPTITRACK— precision motion capture and 3D tracking systems for robotics, VR, biomechanics, and animation.

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We offer our studio and equipment for lease to:

Developers of video games and education software

Producers of 3D movies, ads, and animation

Animation studios

Developers of VR projects


By using our studio, you can significantly reduce your time and money costs for character animation. MotionCapture system produces 100% accurate data in real time, and during an 8-hour working day it can produce 7,200 times more finished data than one animation specialist. Consider this: if six actors need to be done (digitalized) at the same time, MotionCapture will help you do 43,200 times more! This is an undeniable advantage from the standpoint of time and money, which gives you an opportunity to shorten your project execution time and cut the costs of animation production.


Another key advantage of renting our studio is its large working area of 425 square meters.

Apart from its technology advantages, Mocap One Studio also offers competitive pricing. Our prices are lower than those offered by competitive studios in the CIS and Europe.

Check out this comparison table!

Metrics Studio Alternatives in CIS
Size, м² 425 64
Cameras, un 48 16
Resolution, Мp 4,1 1,3
Max FPS, fps 360 240

These advantages affect the quality of the produced material in a positive way and — most importantly — provide a wider range of opportunities for capturing and recording movements of objects and people. In smaller studios, an actor does not have enough space to gather speed up. Not reaching the required value of the linear speed means not receiving a full running cycle. The working diagonal of Mocap One Studio is 29 meters, providing enough distance for a natural acceleration not only of a runner but, say, a horseman.

This diagonal distance is also large enough to perform a triple flip, and removes a lot of other constraints typical for smaller spaces. The height of the mocap area is 4.5 meters. Due to this, actors can use large-scale objects such as a pole, a horse, stilts, and many others. Moreover, the studio’s doors are large enough to carry in large-scale items.



Our services

Lease of a fully-equipped studio

Professional cameramen

Talented actors

Convenient mocap suits


Additional features: we can help you to come up with mocap solutions; find animation specialists; provide props and pieces of scenery; create weapon mock-ups; prepare a character for mocap; lease equipment; travel to your set. 


In our studio, we provide an unlimited,
free-of-charge access to:


Drinking water


Hot tea and delicious cookies


A fridge and a coffee-maker